Clements Library Exhibition

In observance of the Winter 2012 Theme Semester on Language, the Clements Library will present a small exhibit titled “The Languages of Early American History, 1492-1900.”  The exhibit will display a selection of books, maps, manuscripts, and graphics from the Library’s collection that represents a sampling of the wide variety of languages spoken in the Americas in the years before the 20th century.  Examples will range from a 17th century Bible printed in the Massachusett language to a letter written by a German officer during the American Revolution.  The exhibit will run for the duration of the semester.  The Clements Library is located at 909 South University.  The exhibit will be in the Library’s Great Room, which is open Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 4:45 pm.  For information call 734-764-2347 or consult  our web site at

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