Marshall M. Weinberg Symposium 2012: Bilingualism



March 29, 2012

The Weinberg Symposium is an annual interdisciplinary event that focuses on cognitive science and includes a philosophical angle. The topic of the 2012 Symposium is bilingualism, and the speakers are a philosopher, Gilbert Harman, and five specialists in various aspects of bilingualism. The five bilingualism experts cover different aspects of the field: code-switching (Auer), signed languages and the brain and bimodal bilingualism (Emmorey), neurocognitive limits of the child’s innate language-learning ability (Genesee), bilingual first-language acquisition and early-childhood second-language acquisition (Meisel), and bilingual learning, perception, and processing (Sebastian-Galles). The philosopher is Gilbert Harman (Princeton University), whose research interests include a well-developed interest in philosophy of cognition and of linguistics.

Gilbert Harman

Peter Auer

Karen Emmorey

Fred Genesee

Jürgen Meisel

Nuria Sebastian-Galles


For more detailed information, including the symposium schedule, please visit the symposium page on the Linguistics Website.