The University of Michigan provides incomparable opportunities for language learners and language teachers, from the wide range of languages classes, to the library holdings, to the nearly limitless extracurricular activities for language students.

Here are just a few of the resources for the learning or teaching of languages at Michigan:

Additionally, a recent study found that the University of Michigan has the 8th largest international student population in the U.S.  The University of Michigan provides exceptional resources for its international students for whom English is a second or foreign language:

  • The English Language Institute offered the Western Hemisphere’s first intensive English-as-a-Foreign-Language course on a university campus. The ELI was founded in 1941, and in the seventy years since, the ELI has grown into a model of English-language teaching and research.
  • Numerous campus units host cultural and language exchanges to help international students and domestic students learn about each other’s cultures. These include the ELI’s Conversation Circles, the LRC’s Conversation Partners, University Housing’s Cultural and Language Program, Rackham I-Connect, and Engineering International Buddies.

The libraries at University of Michigan, with staff fluent in many languages, provide a wealth of language resources:

  • The University of Michigan Library owns materials in over 400 languages.
  • The Library actively collects material in and about the Arabic language and its literature including over 7,000 titles on the Arabic language and 100,000 titles in Arabic on a variety of subjects.
  • The Asia Library houses one of the nation’s foremost collections of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language resources in all formats.
  • The Area Programs Libraries consist of the Near East Division, the Slavic, East European and Eurasian Division, the South Asia Division, and the Southeast Asia Division. Each division represents the regions, cultures, and languages designated in its name.
  • The Hatcher Library, The Clements Library, and The Papyrus Collection will host exhibitions focused on the Theme Semester.

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